Fair Wear members get social high-score on rankabrand

On the new Dutch website ‘rankabrand’, which independently ranks consumer brands on ‘climate change’, ‘environmental issues’ and ‘social issues’, companies working with Fair Wear Foundation score high – provided they are transparent about their work.

While those FWF affiliates who have posted their social reports on their website (as required by FWF) get (almost) full points on social criteria, there are unfortunately also FWF affiliates who do not communicate about FWF at all and score no points. Rankabrand founder Niels Oskam states that ‘all companies will have to show what they’ve got, if consumers are to make an informed decision’. For this very reason, FWF included the communication requirements in its manual years ago. Perhaps the success of rankabrand – which is currently receiving ample media attention in The Netherlands – will encourage even FWF’s shyer affiliates to ‘come out of the closet’ and show the world how hard they’re working on better labour conditions in their supply chains.

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