Fair Wear participates in workshop for German journalists

FWF participated last week in the workshop ‘Social Standards in the Textile and Clothing Industry’ organised for journalists in four German cities by FWF affiliate hessnatur.

The workshop was conducted by Rolf Heimann, Director of Corporate Responsibility at hessnatur, Dr. Bettina Musiolek, Director of the Ostwind Institute and member of the Clean Clothes Campaign, and Martin Curley, Marketing & Communications Officer at FWF.  Michael Krause, of hessnatur’s Communications department convened each day’s activities.

The event, conducted on four consecutive days in Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin, was attended by representatives of many mainstream German media outlets, as well as by bloggers interested in sustainability and fashion.

Individual presentations provided the basis for lively discussions and questions from participants. Recurring themes included the complexity of apparel supply chains, the difficulties in certifying social standards, and the role of consumers in supporting better working conditions in factories.

FWF’s consumer brochure provides a brief overview of these topics in German.

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