Fair Wear participates in launch of OECD due diligence guidance

On 8 February, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) launched its guidelines for due diligence for the garment and footwear industry at a roundtable event in Paris.  FWF’s Martin Curley participated in a panel discussion.

The OECD guidelines provide extensive advice on the kinds of risks multinational companies are likely to encounter in their supply chains, and steps which can be taken to identify and mitigate those risks.  While the UN Framework on Business and Human Rights explained why human rights due diligence was important, the OECD guidelines provide a baseline of what due diligence activities which should be carried out by all companies in the garment industry.

While compliance with the OECD guidelines remains voluntary, they provide a framework for all companies to understand and respond to human rights risks in their supply chains.

At the launch, Martin shared FWF’s experiences with due diligence on sexual harassment and violence against women in the garment industry.
The OECD guidelines align closely with FWF’s own requirements for member brands.  FWF’s public reporting on the due diligence work of members, through the Brand Performance Check System provides an important layer of transparency and credibility to the due diligence efforts of its member brands.


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