Fair Wear presents 'Workplace Violence report' at UN Women

In honour of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women today, FWF has presented the initial outcomes of the Preventing Workplace Violence project. The first print of the report was handed over to UN Women in Delhi. The report shows that workers are daring to speak up about a serious problem they’ve been facing.

Sexual harassment and violence against women are widespread problems in garment factories in Bangladesh and India. Abusive behaviour has been reported by a disturbingly high percentage of garment workers. FWF initiated a unique programme to help women workers and their managers prevent violence, the Preventing Workplace Violence project.

Since 2011 thousands of workers and managers on factory floors have had training on the importance and benefits of treating women better; anti-harassment committees have been set up and telephone helplines have been established. Violence against women in garment factories is being increasingly acknowledged as a serious problem.

As trust in the system grows, workers are reporting more issues. The Preventing Workplace Violence project represents first steps towards making the south Asian garment industry a safer and more positive work environment for women.

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