Fair Wear publishes new Child Labour policy

The prohibition of Child Labour is one of ILO’s oldest core conventions and has always been one of FWF’s core labour standards as well. Years of practice by FWF and its affiliates have led to the drafting of a new Child Labour Policy.

In early October, FWF’s multi-stakeholder board, made up of trade unions, business associations and NGOs, approved the new FWF Child Labour Policy.

The policy outlines the responsibilities of factories, the brands sourcing from them and of FWF when child labour is found. It also sketches the situation around child labour in each of FWF’s four priority countries, Bangladesh, China, India and Turkey.

FWF believes that its policies should always reflect both the local context and the latest insights. Thus, FWF’s policies are continuously being developed and adjusted to learnings aquired through our own practice as well as through intensive and frequent stakeholder consultation.

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