Fair Wear publishes Research Agenda

FWF has published its first Research Agenda. The agenda outlines a number of questions about the garment industry that need further investigation by FWF and other organisations.

Because of the complexity of the garment industry, it is important to periodically make sure the right questions are being asked about how to improve it.  The Research Agenda is FWF’s latest tool to keep FWF’s work effective and up-to-date and to ensure that FWF’s work coming out of the Strategic Partnership for Garment Supply Chain Transformation is useful to other stakeholders.

Innovation and creativity
The agenda will hopefully foster innovative discussion and debate between FWF and others working to improve the industry. That exchange of innovation and creativity will lead to better conditions for workers, more impactful guidance for FWF’s member brands, and lessons from FWF’s experiences that can support improvements across the industry.

The main focus areas include developing a better understanding of how the different actors in supply chains interact with each other; creating a better ‘map’ of the garment industry and its component actors and considering how social dialogue systems can be designed to function within international supply chains.

Organisations who are researching similar questions, or who believe they would benefit from understanding more about the issues discussed in the agenda, please contact [email protected].

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