Fair Wear receives SBOS grant from Dutch Foreign Ministry

To support its project ‘Fair clothing: Where do you find it?’ (Eerlijke kleding: Hoe kom je eraan?), FWF has been awarded SBOS, a Dutch government grant. The SBOS grant will give a major push to a number of FWF’s communications projects.

Main focus of the project is to help consumers learn more about the importance of FWF’s eight labour standards.  It will also make it easier for individuals, retailers, and corporate and government customers to find out more about FWF’s member companies and their activities to improve working conditions in their supply chains.

The Subsidiefaciliteit voor Burgerschap en Ontwikkelingssamenwerking (SBOS) programme is run by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The goal of the programme is to increase global citizenship, with a particular focus on young Dutch citizens.

Several partner organisations will support the project by providing design input and communications support for the project elements.  The partners are:

  • CNV (Dutch Trade Union)
  • FNV (Dutch Trade Union)
  • MODINT (Dutch trade association for fashion, interior design, carpets and textiles)
  • CBW-MITEX (Dutch  trade association for entrepreneurs in the home, fashion, shoe and sportswear markets)
  • Rank-a-brand (an NGO that encourages brands to improve their CSR reporting)
  • Loonwijzer.nl (linked to wageindicator.org, an NGO providing wage data for many countries)

The project components will be rolled out during 2011 and 2012. More detailed information will be available here on fairwear.org soon!

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