Fair Wear selected for partnership with Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Fair Wear Foundation has been selected for a Strategic Partnership by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The minister picked 25 proposals aimed at strengthening civil society in low- and middle-income countries. The partnership includes financial support for five years. Three questions to FWF director Erica van Doorn about the partnership:

Was this the best news you received last week?
‘Yes! We’re very pleased that the government puts trust in this joint proposal of Fair Wear Foundation, FNV Mondiaal and CNV Internationaal, each in their own role. In the past years we have gained so much knowledge and experience in improving conditions in garment factories. The partnership acknowledges the work we are doing and enables us to use that knowledge to take considerable steps forward.’

What is the proposal about?

‘It focuses on three key areas: living wages, social dialogue and violence against women in garment factories. The partnership is all about what we’ve done in the past and how we think we can achieve our goals. The way FWF works does not offer fast and easy fixes. Our approach to improving supply chain injustices focuses on long-term, sustainable results. Change can only happen when all actors are on board. We’re incredibly pleased that the Dutch government recognises that an extremely complex problem needs smart, long-term solutions.’

Who will be involved?

‘Different actors within the garment supply chain; from FWF member brands to the workers, from factories to trade unions. Our local Asian partners, unions and civil society organisations have always been of great importance to the work of FWF. They will continue working on improving conditions for garment workers. In the coming months the ministry will sit down with FWF, FNV and CNV to work out the details of the partnership.’

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