Fair Wear starts training trade unions in Bangladesh

AMSTERDAM – To prevent another tragedy in a Bangladeshi garment factory, safety measures alone are not enough. Training is needed to ensure the safe use of buildings.  In Bangladesh, FWF trains workers, factory managers, and – starting this autumn – trade unions.

Building safety goes beyond engineering and fire extinguishers. Even the safest garment factories are dangerous places if the people who work there don’t know enough about safety issues. When escape doors are locked, for example, to prevent unauthorised people from coming in – or goods from being taken out – workers are also trapped.

The people who use the buildings need to learn how to prevent buildings from collapse or fire, and what to do to get out alive, if something does happen.

Training to unions
From this autumn, Fair Wear Foundation will provide trainings -with the support of Dutch trade union FNV– to Bangladeshi unions. This training aims to help them monitor the remediation process and to voice workers’ interests.

The trainings will complement the management workshops FWF has been providing since last March, on the principles of Building and Fire Safety.  All factories in Bangladesh supplying FWF affiliates are required to participate in these workshops so they can work with FWF brands on making improvements.