Fair Wear Supplier seminar in Shenzhen

Supported by a project grant from Bread For All, FWF runs various China events in 2011 to facilitate exchanges of insights and perspectives between FWF, its members and their suppliers, and representatives of local stakeholders.

On 14 January, FWF hosted its first China supplier seminar in Shenzhen: ‘Social compliance: From burden to benefit’. FWF invited affiliates with a significant part of their production in south China to send representatives of their factories, agents and Hong Kong staff.

A total of 40 supplier representatives from Hong Kong, Guangdong and Fujian province attended the event. They were joined by FWF’s local auditors and several representatives of labour NGOs and the Hong Kong office of the international trade union movement (IHLO).

Ivo Spauwen represented FWF in Shenzhen. His impressions of the day will follow soon.

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