Fair Wear updates guidelines on abrasive (sand) blasting

FWF requires that affiliated companies eliminate abrasive blasting in their supply chains. To verify this process, FWF has updates its guidelines from 2011. 

A well known example of abrasive blasting in the textile industry is sandblasting. Sandblasting the technique used to create a worn look on denim products. The choice for this method is often made for design reasons, but exposure to the dust that is released with sandblasting can cause serious health hazards to workers in the garment industry.

FWF guidelines on abrasive blasting

FWF requires from its affiliates to not use sandblasting in their production process (and to make a plan to phase out this technique if sandblasting is used). End of 2012, FWF renewed its policy. Please find the updated guidelines here.

Fair Trade Centre Sweden research on sandblasting

The Fair Trade Centre Sweden released several relevant studies on this topic. Their first research “Fashion Victims. A Report on Sandblasted Denim” was published in 2010. In this report, FTC investigated in which way 17 clothing companies (including FWF affiliates) work with the danger presented by sandblasting. In 2012 FTC published a follow-up study “Still Fashion Victims? Monitoring a Ban on Sandblasted Senim“. This study highlights some of the achievements of the clothing companies’ work with banning sandblasting since 2010.

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