Fair Wear Young Designer programme launched

On Friday 16 November 2012 the Young Designer programme was officially launched at the Beyond Fashion Summit in Berlin.

During the first Young Designer seminar – which is part of the Young Designer Academy – FWF and the participants came together to discuss what small or start up brands can do to make a difference in their supply chain. Aim of the Young Designer Academy is to be a platform for members to come together, learn, and share ideas on how to go about starting a business in a fair and sustainable way.

The morning programme of the seminar focussed on the essence of FWF’s work. Discussed where topics that underline the implementation of the FWF Code of Labour Practices, such as informing suppliers about membership, designing an effective monitoring system and how to make use of FWF tools to asses working conditions in factories (such as the Audit Quality Asessment Tool).

For the afternoon programme dedicated to sustainable materials, collective ordering possibilities and how to design a collection in a sustainable way, FWF partnered with Berlin based companies Lebenskleidung and Common Works to share their expertise in these fields.

FWF likes to thank Jan Holzhauer (Lebenkleidung), Marte Hentschel (Common Works) and all participants in the seminar for an inspiring day and is looking forward to the next edition in 2013.

For more information about the programme, please visit the Young Designer page or contact [email protected]

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