Good Clothes, Fair Pay Initiative

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Millions of people work in textile, clothing, and footwear production around the world. The vast majority are not paid enough to fulfil their basic needs. These people remain trapped in poverty while big fashion companies continue to profit from their hard work. It is a deeply unfair and exploitative system, and we must demand better. The Covid-19 pandemic has deepened wage insecurity for the people who make our clothes, leaving workers without any social safety net, and struggling to pay for food, healthcare, and shelter.

Therefore, the Good Clothes Fair Pay campaign, a European Citizens’ Initiative for living wages in the fashion supply chain, is demanding legislation that helps achieve fair pay for textile and garment workers around the world. Fair Wear is proud to be a partner of this initiative.

We need 1 million signatures from EU citizens to push for legislation that requires companies to conduct living wage due diligence in their supply chains.

Why now?

Better laws and regulations in Europe can make sure that companies all over the world do their part in ensuring that the workers in their supply chains are paid fairly. The European Commission has committed to introducing mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence legislation compelling companies to take action in their supply chains. The ECI also builds on and aligns with other policy instruments such as the proposed EU Minimum Wage Directive, the OECD Due Diligence Guidance, the ILO MNE Declaration and the forthcoming EU strategy for sustainable textiles. This will be the single biggest EU campaign on living wages in the garment sector to date. If successful, the legislation will be a groundbreaking step in building a fairer fashion system where brands are held accountable for the people who make their clothes. We believe that a proactive policy like this is crucial for safeguarding millions of workers in the fashion supply chain and that the EU can lead the way for positive change.

What we need from you

From 19th July 2022, we will need to collect 1 million signatures from EU citizens to help us push for legislation that forces fashion companies to conduct living wage due diligence. Not an EU Citizen? You can help by spreading the word.

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The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI)

The ECI – the European Citizens’ Initiative – is a unique instrument enabling citizens to call directly on the European Commission to propose legislation in an area of EU competence. The campaign must collect at least 1 million signatures from EU citizens.

Visit our page on living wage to learn more about why pushing for living wages is crucial or watch the short video below!