On Human Rights Day 2017, we are happy to share the FWF Best Practice video of Continental Clothing, a pioneer in the movement to ensure that all workers receive a fair wage for their work.

In the video Continental’s Mariusz Stochaj explains how they worked together with a factory in India in order to pay higher wages to the workers. With this innovative Fair Share project in India, Continental Clothing won the FWF Best Practice Award 2016.

Together with local NGO SAVE, Continental Clothing conducted research into how much was needed to pay a living wage: it turned out it was only 10 pence per T-shirt. With this data, Continental devised a plan on how to ensure that the money would go to the workers making the clothes.

‘Everybody’s talking about reducing costs, and suddenly we’re coming along, saying: Hey, I volunteer to pay you more.’

The video gives a good example of how a brand can work to raise the wages of the workers. ‘We’ve demonstrated that it’s possible’, says Mariusz in the video. ‘It shows that India doesn’t have to be some kind of a sweatshop.’

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