ILO CONFERENCE 2018: Fair Wear submits paper on tackling harassment

The first week of the ILO’s 107th International Labour Conference has almost come to an end. For this year’s edition, FWF has submitted a publication on violence and harassment.

This year’s International Labour Conference has a specific focus on violence and harassment against women and men in the world of work. In Geneva, international organisations, trade unions, and other labour representatives are calling for a global standard to end violence and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Tackling violence and harassment
FWF submitted a publication to the ILO titled Violence and harassment against women and men in the global garment supply chain. According to FWF’s survey of 658 women in 35 Indian and Bangladeshi factories, 75 per cent said that regular verbal abuse occurred in their factory, most of which was sexually explicit. The submission focuses on the benefits of tackling violence and harassment, particularly for businesses and proposes seven measures that companies can take to eliminate it in their supply chains.

FWF has a bold commitment to work with all relevant stakeholders to end violence against women and men in the garment sector and has implemented innovative violence-prevention programmes in garment-producing countries around the world. Preventing violence and harassment in the world of work is one of the main goals of Strategic Partnership of FWF together with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and trade unions CNV and FNV.

Producing results
The ILO conference commenced this week with ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder calling on all the delegates of #ILC2018 to ‘join in making sure that we produce results which really make a difference and open the way for guarantees of workplaces entirely free of violence and harassment.’ The conference will continue until 8 June.

To learn more about the Committee on violence and harassment in the world of work see this video from the ILO: