[6 February, 2020] Last week, the annual ISPO fair in Munich was held. Representatives from Fair Wear were on the scene to touch base with our progressive sportswear member brands — all of which were represented at ISPO — as well engage with our partners and stakeholders from the outdoor industry.

The trip also afforded the opportunity to speak with a few prospective members, which would like to step up their game in social sustainability by becoming a member of Fair Wear.

Sustainability was undoubtedly the strongest and most prominent message. It was communicated not only at the individual brand booths, but also as a continuous theme across the fair. There was even a Sustainability Hub where participants could lounge and get insight into the latest and greatest in the area of material innovation and environmental efforts undertaken by the sports industry. 

Sustainability has gone from being a niche and a gimmick tucked away in a corner, into getting centre stage attention. Today, not being a front runner in sustainability means that you are running behind. At Fair Wear, we are extremely proud of our outdoor member brands. They are not only leading the way towards a more sustainable future by reducing their carbon footprint, but are also working intensively with us, alongside our members in fashion and workwear, to collaboratively improve the rights and working conditions for the garment workers across the world.

Social sustainability is still is lacking some attention in a large portion of the clothing industry, but not at Fair Wear. Our member brands are showing the path forward and we will continue to do so as we expand our member base and our reach.