Instagram Live interviews with Fair Wear brands & sustainable influencers

During Fashion Revolution week four Instagram Live interviews will take place between sustainable influencers and four amazing Fair Wear brands.

Four very different brands, but with one shared focus: producing their garments and textiles in an ethical way. In these Instagram Live interviews we will dive deep into how these brands are improving working conditions for the people who make their clothes. It is especially relevant in these times where COVID-19 causes more challenges in the garment sector and intensifies ongoing issues in garment factories.

Join German outdoor brand Deuter, Dutch fashion brand King Louie , Belgian fashion and kids brand JBC fashion and Austrian home textile (interior) brand Mary Rose on their sustainable journey.

Learn about the brands’ sustainable practices; achievements, struggles and Fair Wear membership.

Watch the Instagram Livestreams below!
MaryRose x Berosa_gogreen:

JBC fashion x Lieve van den Weghe:

King Louie x When_Sara_Smiles:

Deuter x FashionChangers:

Transparency is necessary at every step

Consumers expect brands to be open and transparent about their business practices. Fair Wear believes that transparency is an opportunity for brands to build goodwill and be rewarded for their efforts to create fairer supply chains. This is why transparency is one of the key commitments member brands are required to fulfill.

Every year Fair Wear assesses the steps member brands have taken towards better labour conditions and publicly reports in Brand Performance Checks on these outcomes. In this year’s Brand Performance Checks, brands will be specifically assessed on how they responded to the pandemic.