Ivo in China: Beijing 2010

Our verification coordinator Ivo Spauwen is in China, sitting in on some audits and meeting our local partners and stakeholders. Click to read what he wrote to us about his progress. For his adventures during his trip last September/October, see the news archive.

25 January 2010, Beijing, China

Hi all,

Things are going well in BJ. Lots of interesting meetings. Let me give you a quick update whilst I’m having a coffee.
During my meeting today with CNTAC, China’s association for employers in for the textile and apparel industry, I learned that an increasing number of Chinese companies is making a move towards vertical supply chain integration. Which means that they are developing their own products and brands, which they market themselves and, in the long run, will increasingly be exporting. Interesting point is that for the big exporters which want to move towards the EU and US markets, CSR becomes a topic of interest in a different way: consumers will require them to implement a policy, instead of foreign brands – which will gradually become their competitors.

Tomorrow and Wednesday many meetings as well. Wed afternoon I’ll travel to Hong Kong, where I’ll stay for almost a week for even more meetings and the Management System Audit at the Hong Kong office of Kwintet Far East.

Much to do. I enjoy being here. Yesterday I went ice skating on Houhai lake, not far from the forbidden city. Loved it.


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