Ivo in China: Bejing

Our verification coordinator Ivo Spauwen is in China, sitting in on some audits and meeting our local partners and stakeholders. He regularly keeps us informed of his progress…

1 October 2009, Bejing, China,
Hi folks,

Beijing was quiet and clean today because of the parades that were going across the city for the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. No cars allowed on the roads! The authorities celebrated this special day with huge fireworks, lots of weaponry rolling over the streets overlooked by an absurdly high number of uniformed soldiers and policemen.

This my 4th visit to Beijing and it starts to feel like home here. Today I spent most of the day in the city to practice my new language skills. The pronunciation may come out a little funny at times (as in any other language I try to speak :)), but I get what I want when I order, I can argue with taxi drivers, and I managed to buy a train ticket to Tianjin. All in Putonghua, so my efforts are paying off!

Attached a picture of the tuktuk which I – as an exception – rode on my way back to Chongwenmen.

Ivo out.

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