Ivo in China: Hong Kong 2009

Our verification coordinator Ivo Spauwen is in China, sitting in on some audits and meeting our local partners and stakeholders. He regularly keeps us informed of his progress…

5 October 2009, Hong Kong, China
Hi all,

There is something about Hong Kong. I feel sooo laid back being here after a week in China…!!

Before leaving Beijing yesterday I had an early meeting at On Action. OA focus on educating migrant workers in Beijing. In China ‘educating’ can mean various things.. so I was not sure what to think of this NGO. I found though that some of their work is quite interesting. Among other things they developed a set of playcards, with each of the cards explaining a key aspect of the labour law to workers. By means of this simple tool many workers are able to strengthen their knowledge of existing legislation.

Next I met with Dimitri Kessler, who represents ETI in China. Dimitri is working on a conference in mainland China on Living wage. He will try to get FWF involved so we could join the event. Dimitri is also an expert in factory training (see also the ETI-site) and is willing to share his expertise with us where possible.

Finally I visited May Wong of Globalisation Monitor today. May is a coordinator of the Asian Floor Wage Campaign of which we heard quite a bit this week. May and I discussed the FWF living wage study which will be rounded up with a publication (hopefully in November). May was particularly interested in how FWF would take steps to implement payment of living wage.

Tomorrow will be another day that’s packed with meetings – the last one! I’m meeting Chinese Working Women Network, I’ll meet Oxfam Hong Kong and I’ll meet Parry Leung of SACOM for coffee. To close off I’ll have dinner with some auditors of Compliance & Capacity in Shenzhen. After that I’ll take it slow with only a few more meetings and one audit… 🙂

Hope you’re all doing good.

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