Looking back on 2015: a year of cooperation and knowledge exchange

For Fair Wear Foundation, the last days of 2015 are an opportunity to prepare for the challenges ahead. 2016 will be the first year of Strategic Partnership work and we are hitting the ground running in new countries and with new activities. But we cannot let this opportunity pass, without highlighting some of the work that the Fair Wear Foundation staff carried out throughout the year.

New members

In 2015 FWF welcomed 13 different companies either as members or as Young Designers. From socks to shoes, and from work fashion to leisurewear to jeans to sports clothes, there is a FWF member brand for each need. For a complete list of FWF member brands, click here.

Sharing knowledge

Throughout the year, FWF published several tools, guidances, and general publications. These documents are meant to aid the work of our member companies towards improving working conditions in, for example, Tunisia or Vietnam. They are a useful guide to complex issues like living wages, the Sumangali scheme, or the issues faced by Syrian refugees in Turkey. Another way in which FWF helped its member companies was through making the indicators on the Brand Performance Check guide clearer and easier to measure, or through its Dos and Don’ts document regarding competition law.

Sparking cooperation

FWF staff engaged with stakeholders in Turkey and Sweden, but also participated in EU, UN and ILO conferences and forums, making the link between working conditions and company practices at each turn. And FWF also organised its own Annual Conference, which brought together more than 120 members, stakeholders and staff.

These are but a few of FWF’s activities throughout the year. And looking back gives us renewed energy to continue working on implementing the FWF Labour Standards in the garment industry, with the collaboration of many different stakeholders, including governments, trade unions, clothing brands, civil society organisations and, of course, the workers themselves.

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