Margreet in Dhaka: traffic

In May, FWF’s verification coordinator Margreet Vrieling visited Bangladesh, where she and audit trainer Bobby Joseph did on the job training of new auditors. While there, she kept us informed of her activities.

Dhaka traffic. I know, I my former blog I already wrote about it, but I keep being fascinated by this phenomenon.  Such a loss of time, sitting for more than two hours in a car, to reach a place which is only at half an hour distance. Several traffic police agents try to make the cars move faster. Impossible, so also their waving seems a waste of time. Yesterday, in an ultimate try of a police officer to get some order in the absolute chaos of cars, trucks, rikshaws, crossing pedestrians, he just tied a rope to something at the other side of the road. When he wanted to stop the cars, he lifted the rope! Our car, surprised by this innovative way of traffic control, got stuck in the rope.  Several people yelling and trying to get the rope of..another waste of time and extra delay on our route.

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