Mexx no longer with Fair Wear

As of 2010 Mexx will no longer be affiliated to Fair Wear Foundation.

Late 2008, Liz Claiborne, one of the world’s largest clothing companies and owner of the brand Mexx, signed a sourcing agreement with Li & Fung, a large Hong Kong-based purchasing agent. The agreement was signed as a measure to consolidate sourcing activities and improve the ability of Liz Claiborne brands to respond to fashion trends while reducing costs.

The agreement covers, among others, the sourcing activities for Mexx.

In 2009 Liz Claiborne and Mexx started implementing the agreement and consolidating all social compliance activities within the Fair Labor Association (FLA) programme. Thus, while Mexx used to be an active member of Fair Wear Foundation, Mexx’s membership was suspended in 2009 while the new sourcing process was being implemented.

Finally, Liz Claiborne and Fair Wear Foundation have come to the conclusion that the new sourcing process and the consolidated social compliance programme through FLA  leaves no room for a formal relationship between Mexx and FWF. Therefore the FWF membership will be terminated as of 2010.

Should the opportunity arise, Liz Claiborne and FWF will look to participate in a joint project in 2010 aimed at enhancing the impact of Liz Claiborne’s social compliance programme, and Mexx’s in particular.

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