Recently, FWF learned through local stakeholders in Bangladesh that the national wage board was preparing to advise the government on changes to the minimum wage. FWF joined with member companies that source from Bangladesh to write a letter to the board urging the adoption of a new minimum wage that meets workers’ basic needs. Many other organizations issued similar appeals.

Last week the government of Bangladesh raised the legal minimum wage to 3000 Taka per month, an increase of 80% from the previous level of 1662.50 Taka per month. FWF regards the wage increase as a step into the right direction.

FWF is also aware that 3000 Taka per month is still not sufficient to cover the basic expenses of workers and their families. Local and international NGOs and trade unions are pressing for further wage increases. FWF will continue to contribute to the social dialogue between stakeholders in support of an agreement that secures both living wages and a stable business environment.