More FWF brands choose transparency

There seems to be a trend towards greater transparency among FWF-members. Outdoor brand Jack Wolfskin has recently published a list of all its direct suppliers.

Transparency is an important value in the work of Fair Wear Foundation. Member companies are supposed to be transparent about their suppliers, sourcing practices and pricing. This is essential for their accountability and credibility.

The Jack Wolfskin list of manufacturers contains all suppliers of apparel, shoes and equipment. By becoming more transparent the company gradually wants to create an outline of all the stages of production and make it available to the general public.

Other FWF-members also give consumers an insight in their production process. Some brands have been focusing on this for a long time. Clients of Switcher are able to obtain information about the entire history of their garments through a special code on the label.

The website of FWF-member Nudie Jeans contains a ‘production guide’. By clicking on a product, consumers can check where and in which factory a T-shirt or pair of jeans was made.

When child labour was discovered in three factories where Blackout sources, the Swiss company chose full transparency, even towards a Swiss television station. The fashion brand shows openness about the solutions as well: read more about this in their most recent Brand Performance Check.