Fair Wear welcomes new member, FC St. Pauli!

We are excited to announce that Fair Wear’s newest member is German football club FC St. Pauli. This is the first time we welcome a football club as a member of Fair Wear!

FC St. Pauli is committed to producing fair products, including the football kits for their players as well as merchandising products for its fans.

‘Fair play doesn’t end on the sidelines’, writes St. Pauli in their press release today. We couldn’t have said it better. ‘In the fan shops, we pay attention to fair and sustainable production of our fan merchandise. Now we’re going one step further.’

We’re excited to work with St Pauli towards improving the lives and working conditions of the people that make its clothes. St. Pauli joined Fair Wear on 1 April 2021, and will start to make improvements for fair working conditions in its supply chain step-by-step. The new member’s first Brand Performance Check will take place after one year of membership and will be published on St Pauli’s brand page.

Curious to learn more about the new brands? Have a look at the brandpages: DIIY and ST. PAULI / skull & crossbones.

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