Black Friday? Fair Friday! Our campaign for people-friendly fashion

In the week leading up to Black Friday (27 November), we want you to think differently about shopping. This year, let’s turn Black Friday into Fair Friday.

In recent years, Black Friday has grown into a global shopping mania. Brands are boasting bigger sales, cheaper buys. Many of these deals sound too good to be true.

And the truth is? They probably are.

When we buy clothes, we tend to focus on price and quality and forget the people who made them. Your clothes are produced in long and complex supply chains. In fact, the average shirt is made by 22 people, and that’s only in the manufacturing stage! Life as a garment worker has many challenges. Workers may face unsafe working conditions, forced overtime, and wages that are too low to live off, among other things.

This Black Friday, Fair Wear is partnering with its member brands and influencers to spread the word: we need a change! It’s time to value your clothes and the people who made them.

Shop consciously

‘We all love getting something on sale, but shouldn’t we also be able to feel good about what we buy, with the knowledge that this new pair of jeans was made by people who are treated fairly and paid enough?’ asks Maaike Payet of Fair Wear. ‘As consumers, we need to buy less, and shop more consciously.’

Just what does that mean? For starters, ask yourself if you really need that New Year’s Eve skirt or a third blue dress shirt. Hunt for alternatives within your own wardrobe. If you are set on shopping this Black Friday, support a brand that is working on sustainability. You can check if a brand is linked to an independent organisation (like us!) that holds that brand accountable for its social and/or environmental sustainability efforts. It’s important that brands are being transparent about their efforts. If you buy from a Fair Wear member brand, you can be proud to support a brand that is working hard to improve the lives of the people who make their clothes.

Tips & tricks

This coming week, we’ll offer tips on how to shop more consciously. Follow the hashtag #peoplefriendlyfashion on social media, and visit to learn more and find ethical brands. And if you’ve bought something from a brand that’s trying to do better, share your purchase with us on social media using #peoplefriendlyfashion.