Report on FWF's social dialogue project in Turkey published

In 2011 FWF started a pilot project to Experiment with Factory Training to Enhance Social Dialogue in Turkey. Two years later in July 2013, the outcomes of the project are published. 

The term ‘social dialogue’ refers to clear communications, open consultation, and/or fair negotiations between employers and workers. In Turkey specifically social dialogue is far from thriving. FWF verification audits in Turkey for nearly a decade have revealed persistent, systemic restrictions on freedom of association and the right to bargain collectively.

With funding from FNV Bondgenoten, FWF set out on a two-year project (2011-12) to pilot a training programme designed to address these issues. This report summarizes the project approach, its outcomes, and key takeaways that can help shape future efforts to support social dialogue in Turkey.

To read the full report please see the English version.

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