Research on gender-based violence against garment workers in Vietnam

This year, FWF will be carrying out participatory research in Vietnam with a focus on identifying factors that lead to gender-based violence in garment factories. Research will be in partnership with CARE International.

The project titled ‘I am a garment worker: Survey on women’s safety and well-being in the garment sector’ began in April 2018 with a training in Hanoi, Vietnam led by FWF research consultant, Dr. Jane Pillinger. For two days, twenty participants from FWF and other NGOs learned about gender-based violence in garment factories, along with a skills training on participatory research.

The skills training allowed participants to offer feedback on what to include in the research design and in the data collection process. Stay tuned for the results of this participatory research and identified factors contributing to gender-based violence of female workers.

A large majority of women in the garment industry have faced some type of harassment or gender-based violence. Preventing gender-based violence is a primary focus of our work toward safe and healthy working conditions. For more about our efforts to reduce gender based violence, see our gender portal.