Seminar on living wages in Oslo

On Tuesday 28 August, FWF co-hosted a seminar in Oslo with Ethical Trading Initiative Norway (IEH). The seminar was called ” Towards a Living Wage: A step-by-step approach to improving workers’ wages.” Around 30 representatives from Scandinavian, British and German companies as well as from some NGOs attended the seminar.

FWF explained how to use the FWF Wage Ladder as a tool to help companies and their suppliers to improve wages for workers and shared some learnings from a project in Macedonia.

Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead (ILO), co-Chair of the Fair Wage Network, presented the first achievements of the fair wage approach and a wider perspective on wage developments.

Plenary discussion was focused on the major challenges companies face in implementing living wages: cooperation (between and among brands and organisations), to ensure that the extra money ends up with the workers, reliable wage data and standard minute values. Participants indicated that they need the right tools, reliable data and concluded that longstanding (direct) relationships with suppliers are essential for sustainable improvements.

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