Share #ClothesWithIntention this Fashion Revolution Week

AMSTERDAM – During Fashion Revolution Week, FWF challenges all fashion lovers to share their #ClothesWithIntention. FWF hopes to get more people to share their sustainable fashion story.

Fashion Revolution Day (24 April) commemorates the 2013 collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh. During Fashion Revolution Week, hundreds of events take place around the world in the name of ethical clothing. By using the hashtag #ClothesWithIntention this week, everyone can participate in a social media challenge that has the potential to contribute to a bigger wave of social change for garment workers.

How can you take part?
Wear a shirt, pants or an entire outfit from your wardrobe that you’ve chosen with care and that somehow represents sustainable fashion. Take a cool photo and share it! Tell the world: why is this garment in your closet and what about it is sustainable.

Since Rana Plaza, the awareness of unfair clothing production has grown considerably among consumers. Everyone who buys clothes plays an important role in the transformation of the industry. Consumers can demand that brands be transparent about where their clothing is made and what they’re doing to improve working conditions. Brand openness can help consumers to make more informed choices. It also becomes easier to support brands that invest more in sustainability.

Date: 22nd – 28th April 2019


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Go-to text: ‘I stand with the workers who made these clothes.’

Call to action: ‘What’s your sustainable fashion story?’

Hashtags: #FairToWear #WhoMadeMyClothes #ClothesWithIntention

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