Starting a new phase in the OECD Alignment Assessment

To support a common understanding of due diligence and collaboration in the garment industry, the OECD has launched a voluntary process to assess the alignment of industry initiatives with the OECD Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct. Fair Wear entered this ‘OECD Alignment Assessment’ process in 2020 to align our policies and guidance with the globally recognised and negotiated benchmark.

We have now finished establishing the scope of the alignment assessment and taking stock of our policies. In October, the OECD Alignment Assessment entered a new phase, with the start of the OECD’s review of our policies and their implementation.

Between October and December, the OECD observed the processes surrounding our Brand Performance Checks, which included observing several Performance Checks. We want to thank the members who were involved in this: Acne Studios, Bel-confect, FOND OF, hessnatur, and B&C Collection. In the months ahead, the OECD will also review our audit and remediation processes, including our grievance mechanism.

We expect to share the initial results at the end of the second quarter of 2021. These outcomes will serve as a starting point to better align our existing policies and their implementation with the OECD guidance on due diligence.

More information on the OECD Alignment Assessment can be found here.