Statement: International community urges Cambodian government to take action

The European Union reviewed Cambodia’s Everything but Arms (EBA) benefits and has now decided to partially and temporarily suspend preferential tariffs the Government of Cambodia enjoyed. This decision comes at the end of years of concerns raised by the international community. The onus is now on the Cambodian government within the next six months to show willingness to demonstrate a change in policy and practice to meet international conventions to avoid its implementation.

After a yearlong official investigation, and despite progress, the EU still found serious and systematic violations of human rights including severe limitations to political rights and freedom of speech as well as serious barriers to labour rights and workers exercising their associational rights.

We partially and temporarily suspend preferential tariffs for the government of Cambodia.

European Union

Fair Wear and partners Clean Clothes Campaign, CNV Internationaal, Ethical Trading Initiative, INRetail, Modint and Mondiaal FNV have released a joint statement responding to the EU’s decision and urging the Cambodian government to take urgent action.

Read the statement in full here.