Suistudio joins Fair Wear Foundation

Fair Wear Foundation welcomes Suistudio as its newest member. Suistudio launched in fall 2017 and is the sister brand to Suitsupply, one of FWF’s leader brands.

The women’s clothing brand has a flagship store in Amsterdam and shops in Shanghai and New York. Suistudio mainly sells women suits, but also jumpsuits, dresses and T-shirts.

‘Suistudio is the first FWF brand with such a big selection of women’s suits’, says FWF Associate Director Margreet Vrieling. ‘We hope that they will make similar improvements to Suitsupply.’

Suistudio is excited to become a FWF member. ‘By joining Fair Wear Foundation, we are demonstrating our commitment to the continuous improvement and oversight that is crucial to driving meaningful social change’, says Roos Fleuren, chief product officer of Suitsupply and Suistudio.

The first Brand Performance Check for Suistudio will take place following the company’s initial year of membership, and will be published on the Suistudio page.