Taking Meaningful Action to Support Garment Workers in India

The second wave of Covid-19 in India has severely disrupted supply chains and garment workers’ lives, along with causing the tragic loss of many lives and suffering in the nation.

India is an international epicentre of textile and clothing production, employing over 105 million people. The Clothing Manufacturers Association of India estimates that 72% of the Indian garment industry’s micro, small and medium enterprise have received less than 25% of the payments they were due in April. 50% of orders have been cancelled, and huge staff cuts are expected. This situation leaves garment workers in an exceptionally vulnerable position.

Currently, all Fair Wear’s activities in India are on hold due to the surge of Covid-19 cases. Throughout the pandemic in Tirupur, for example, where a large proportion of Fair Wear member brands have their supplier base, business has been curtailed by the cancellation of massive export orders as Covid-19 brought countries around the globe to a standstill. Despite these challenges, garments workers’ rights to safe, dignified and properly paid employment must be upheld.

A recent campaign by Cotton Diaries and Transformers Foundation calls on brands and individuals to take action and support suppliers and supply chain workers during this challenging period. The campaign highlights concrete actions that can be taken and provides excellent material to help grasp what’s happening in India and its implications for the garment sector. We encourage you to visit the Cotton Diaries website to learn more.