This is What We Do: Fair Wear’s Annual Conference has kicked off

FWF’s Annual Conference 2015 has started. Together with over 120 members, stakeholder and staff members, FWF will reflect on this year’s theme: This is What we Do.

FWF has packed this year’s main programme full of speakers and workshops to help keep everyone up-to-date on recent developments and future trends. The Dutch Minister Lilianne Ploumen will end the conference by sharing her perspectives on the role governments can play in developing international trade practices that are more effective in protecting human rights.

Best Practice Award
Other highlights of the day include: hands-on sessions featuring updates on transparent supply chains, and including workers in remediation processes. FWF’s Indian country representatives will show what they do in garment factories to prevent violence against women on the work floor. Also, FWF’s Living Wage Portal and the Factory Guide will be introduced.

The Best Practice Award has become a traditional part of the Annual Conference. This year minister Ploumen will hand out the prestigious award. The award goes to a member brand that is doing something that is newer, smarter, more effective or simply easier than what Fair Wear Foundation asks them to do.

Stay tuned on Twitter (#fwf15) and Facebook to find out who wins this year’s Best Practice Award!

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