Turkish delegation visits The Netherlands

In January FWF welcomed two guests from Turkey; the Turkish liasion officer and one of the factory workers who participated in an FWF training to improve social dialogue at factory level.

Their visit to the Netherlands created the opportunity to meet with several stakeholders in the textile and garment sector. It was used to inform Dutch consumers, union members and business representatives on the labour conditions in factories in Turkey.

Besides sharing information on the working conditions in Turkey, the Turkish guest were also informed on how workers rights are protected in the Netherlands. By meeting with FWF staff, FNV Bondgenoten and MODINT ideas and experiences were shared. A visit to the Dutch textile factory Vlisco and the Textiel Museum Tilburg gave insight in what the textile production in the Netherlands looks like (and looked like in the past).

For each group the visit proved to be very fruitful. Equipped with new ideas to further enhance worker management dialogue in Turkey the delegation went back home on the 25th of January.

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