In April FWF’s Sofie Schop and Hendrine Stelwagen were present at several work wear events in Ahoy Rotterdam. On the 14th and 15th of April FWF exhibited on the Safety and Fashion @work fair.

During the first day of this event Sofie Schop also participated in a panel of Congres Duurzaam Inkopen. The Corporate Fashion Award was presented in the evening of 15th April. FWF was one of the sponsors. During a dinner show several work wear companies showed their nominated collections. Four of our member companies were among the nominees: De Berkel, Kwintet KLM Kleding NV/Lonneker, Schijvens Confectiefabriek B.V. and Emergo Textile Projects.

FWF was also present at the Intersafe Manifestation, a two-day event for safety and health at work. We were invited to share a booth with HaVep, one of our longest standing affiliates (since 2004). Fifty suppliers and producers presented their latest products and innovations. FWF was able to explain the benefits of membership for companies in the textile industry. Cooperation with HaVep was an excellent way to make membership known and use their results as an example. The event was visited by people from both the public sector and the business industry.