Zeeman joins Fair Wear!

We are happy to welcome Zeeman as a new Fair Wear member! On Friday, October 4 2019, Zeeman CEO Erik-Jan Mares and Fair Wear’s Associate Director Margreet Vrieling signed the Code of Labour Practices in a Zeeman store in Amsterdam.

Zeeman has hundreds of shops all over Europe. The Dutch discounter mainly sells basic women’s, men’s and children’s wear

The added value of Fair Wear lies, for a  large  part,  in the access to experts in our production countries. With help from local trainers, suppliers will become more aware of their rights, and they will also receive Fair Wear tools to implement improvements,‘ said Erik-Jan Mares, Zeeman CEO

More transparency

For Zeeman, Fair Wear membership is an important next step on the road to  increased transparency. In every year of membership, Fair Wear brands must demonstrate  that they have taken significant steps towards better working conditions.

Fair Wear Associate Director, Margreet Vrieling: ‘We will help Zeeman improve further and everyone will be able to  see how that works out.  After Zeeman has had the first Fair Wear Performance Check, we can better determine  how we should continue to work together on improving  working conditions for the people who make their clothing.’

Zeeman’s first Performance Check will take place in early 2021. The findings will be shared openly with the public. You can find the Performance Check and more information on Zeeman on its brand page.

Margreet Vrieling and Erik-Jan Mares sign the Fair Wear Code of Labour Practices on at a Zeeman store in Amsterdam