Workplace violence against women is increasingly acknowledged as a serious issue that deserves attention and resources to combat it. Fair Wear Foundation has identified some of the most important risks that affect women, and particularly women garment workers, and that can lead to workplace violence.


Welcome to FWF’s Women’s Safety at Work

Date: 07/03/2016

Roughly 55 million women currently work in textile factories, predominantly in South East Asia. Most are young, unmarried, and with little education. They are often born in rural areas, and migrate to cities to find work. The garment industry gives them the means to support their families back home. But these employment opportunities are generally open to them because their labour is often inexpensive. Read more

Safety during travel: the case of the woman in the bus

Date: 02/03/2016

Women’s safety at work deals not only with things that happen while women are at a factory but also, for example, with what happens with their family life, or in the time that they travel to and from work. In this short video, a manager explains the case of an employee that felt unsafe after leaving the factory. Read more