Artwork Focus Group discussions:

Most of the workers in garment factories are women, particularly in India in Bangladesh. And the personal stories of some of them have been gathered and published by Fair Wear Foundation.

The collection of stories, Artwork Focus Group discussions, reflects the women’s daily lives, their family background, their work, their likes and their dislikes. It does not pretend to be a comprehensive study on the lives of Bangladeshi and Indian women. Rather, it provides rare insight into their personal lives and the circumstances that lead them to work in factories, often far away from their villages.

Far from being full of somber tales, a sense of empowerment shines through. These women have carved a path of their own. They often support their family. FWF seeks to provide a more rounded picture of women workers. They are not just victims of fate, condemned to exploitation. They are independent individuals, seeking happiness and ways to improve their own life.

As one of the women says:  “They wanted me to stay in our home in the village, but I didn’t stay. I am making my own future.”

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