Factory floor harassment: the story of Salma

The factory is under pressure to deliver orders on time. Because they have deadlines to meet, supervisors have become more stressed. This is not very good timing for Salma. She is having her period and needs to use the toilet frequently and when she does she is verbally and physically abused by her floor manager. This is a daily reality for many garment workers in Bangladesh.

The floor manager says to her that she delays production. A couple of times he has not only scolded her, but also beat her, he even kicked her once or twice. And Salma knows that other workers are also hit and abused. The supervisor is known for grabbing people by the neck, holding their arms, and dragging them toward the gate at the edge of the factory. The supervisor says that if people cannot work, they should leave the factory.

Salma could not take it any longer, so she reached out to the Anti-harassment Committee and they investigated the issue. They asked her to act out the behaviours and she showed how she was treated for the management to see.

The complaint is still being investigated, but hopefully the floor manager will receive training in order for his behaviour towards the workers to change.

This and other cases presented in the portal are based on real cases that have been reported through FWF’s complaints hotline. Read more about the complaints procedure.

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