New findings on reducing violence in the workplace

In the new report titled ‘Climbing the Ladder: Supervisory Skill Building Programme’, three-years of data collection has concluded that supervisory skills trainings are a successful way to reduce violence and harassment in the workplace over time.

As a main finding, training female and male supervisors in garment factories led to a reduction in violence and harassment as found in the participating factories. Female workers reported not only being better able to stand up for their rights, but also improved job satisfaction and factory functioning due to the improved morale on the work floor.

Specifically in India, 60-70% of garment workers are still women. Men inhabit almost all supervisory roles. In an effort to address this inequality, the FWF Supervisory Skills Training was given in 18 garment factories in South India during 2014 to 2017. Women were given an educational opportunity to gain confidence and move into supervisory roles. All participants, men and women alike, were educated to identify situations of violence and harassment in their workplaces.

 To read more about the significant results of this training programme, see our report here.

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